Table Tennis Serve Techniques

table tennis serve techniques
Table tennis Ma Lin ghost serve?

Hi I was wondering if anybody knows how to do Ma Lin’s ‘Ghost Serve’ here:

It’s also called a ‘side-under serve’. I’ve been playing table tennis for about 6 years now so I think I can do it but I don’t know the movement/technique. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.
I use the Penhold grip and use a DHS 4002 (one-sided, G888 rubber)

tou start to serve with the rubber for forehand (red) pointing at you. Throw up the ball and move the bat parralell to the end of the table (with the rubber the same way). bring it back to you at speed, but flick your wrist to point at the target.

NOTE: there are many variations of this serve

Table tennis serves – advanced techniques